August 26, 2007

A newborn biker

Through our adventure, my son grew up to a biker as well as a gentleman.
He learned a lot from nature and my friends.
These experiences will lead him to another stage of his life.
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
I really appreciate my friends' kindness.
Thank to you all, we had a great and safe adventure.
Thank you very much again.
Please keep in touch!

Prairie dogs

We visited Custer State Park.
I tried to talk to prairie dogs.

I made it.


Frank and Craig left the camping site.

What great guys they are!

We had wonderful experiences.
They are genius for enjoying life.

See you again and let's go camping again!


We had to pack all stuffs in a cargo.
I came near to crying for missing.
After we finished paking, we went to the office, and had to say thank you to Cheryl Godfrey, owner of DeerFielf Lake Resort.
She said, " Come with your wife, next year?"
Can I feel relaxed with my wife at camping site?
It is tough question.

Sloppy Joe

Last dinner with Frank and Craig was Sloppy Joe.
What a smart dinner it is!
I have never eaten this dishes.
Ingredients of Sloppy Joe were almost leftover.
And it tasted very good!

I have to confess that I bought some cans of Sloppy Joe before we were on board at San Francisco.

Gone to the mountain for sunset

When we came back, Frank and Craig had gone to the mountain for sunset.

We built a camping fire and gather some pinecorns.

Frank taught us when pine corns are in fire, it will pop and explode.

We wanted to see corns popping.

When we were waiting for Frank and Draig, a lady came near to us and asked some quistion about corns.

She was kind enough to give us her homemade zucchini cake. It was delisious. This is the first time for my son to eat zucchini.

Harley Dealer at Kennewick,WA

We met a beautiful staff at Kennewick Harley Dealer, whose name is Ryan Rosenkranz.
She is kind enough to show us how to hold the rain gear.
We met a nice guy whose name is Wyatt Wissenbach. He looked for the last sheild of my son's helmet. He will fly to Japan as a member of airforce.