August 26, 2007

A newborn biker

Through our adventure, my son grew up to a biker as well as a gentleman.
He learned a lot from nature and my friends.
These experiences will lead him to another stage of his life.
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
I really appreciate my friends' kindness.
Thank to you all, we had a great and safe adventure.
Thank you very much again.
Please keep in touch!

Prairie dogs

We visited Custer State Park.
I tried to talk to prairie dogs.

I made it.


Frank and Craig left the camping site.

What great guys they are!

We had wonderful experiences.
They are genius for enjoying life.

See you again and let's go camping again!


We had to pack all stuffs in a cargo.
I came near to crying for missing.
After we finished paking, we went to the office, and had to say thank you to Cheryl Godfrey, owner of DeerFielf Lake Resort.
She said, " Come with your wife, next year?"
Can I feel relaxed with my wife at camping site?
It is tough question.

Sloppy Joe

Last dinner with Frank and Craig was Sloppy Joe.
What a smart dinner it is!
I have never eaten this dishes.
Ingredients of Sloppy Joe were almost leftover.
And it tasted very good!

I have to confess that I bought some cans of Sloppy Joe before we were on board at San Francisco.

Gone to the mountain for sunset

When we came back, Frank and Craig had gone to the mountain for sunset.

We built a camping fire and gather some pinecorns.

Frank taught us when pine corns are in fire, it will pop and explode.

We wanted to see corns popping.

When we were waiting for Frank and Draig, a lady came near to us and asked some quistion about corns.

She was kind enough to give us her homemade zucchini cake. It was delisious. This is the first time for my son to eat zucchini.

Harley Dealer at Kennewick,WA

We met a beautiful staff at Kennewick Harley Dealer, whose name is Ryan Rosenkranz.
She is kind enough to show us how to hold the rain gear.
We met a nice guy whose name is Wyatt Wissenbach. He looked for the last sheild of my son's helmet. He will fly to Japan as a member of airforce.

Harley Dealer at Sturgis

We visited Deadwood, Lead Mine Museum, and Sturgis.

We got another T-shirts at special discount, 25%.
This is the smart way to get some souvenir.

One of staff there has been to Japan and had a small talk with her.
Her husband is a scholar and sometimes he was transferred to Japan as an exchange scholar.

August 25, 2007


We went fishing by canoe.

At first we couldn't get any fish, after we landed an island, we got some fishes.

I caught almost ten Basses, while my son had some troubles about fishing rod, such as tangling...

He was frustrated about what he did himself.

I advised him to cast his fishing rod from here.

At the very last time,
he could a beautiful rainbow trout.
He was happy and relieved to get it.

We went back to our base camp.
Frank taught my son how to clean fish.
Frakn said to my son, "This fish is yours and you have to clean it by yourself. "
My son grabed a knife and tried to cut his fish.

Camping Fire

We had a good time surrounding the fire.
We saw many shooting stars.
No TV games and no complaint by wife made me relaxed.

Dinner at camping site

Craig cooked us wonderful dishes.
I have never seen him washing his hands but he uses the timer to know what time is the best to cook.
My son ate a green papper.
I have never seen him eating a green pappers.
I was surprised to see my boy growing up step by step.
After this experience, my son has tried to cook at home.

"Next time I will do cooking for Craig." he said.
Craig is my son's hero.

Coyote show

We went to the top of the mountain to see sunset.

We were waiting for beautiful sunset.

Frank said to us, " Coyote show!"

When Frank howled like a coyote, many coyotes answered his howl.

Frank said to me, "Try! Your turn."
I imitated his howl, soon forest returned silent.
He said, " Because of your Japanese accent."

Top of the world

We conquered some tops of the mountains.

We were dusty but we were proud of what we could do.

We enjoyed boot camp lunch. It was easy to make, but its tasted delicious .

ATV adventure

We visited Frank and Craig and Jay. They were camping in order to find gold mine at Black Hills.

We had a chance to drive ATVs. It was fun.

Frank has a dream to find a gold mine in the near future.We had driven ATV and dirt bike around the Black Hills.

Frank and Craig and Jay are fast drivers and a rider. It was difficult for me to follow them. To tell the truth, I was thrown away from the ATV and fell from the road. They rescued me using winch. Too exciting.

We found a cave and explored inside.
Can you see how steep we climb by ATVs?

Promising riders


Pat and Pennie and Ann have to go to another campoing spot.

I wanted to talk a lot.

I had to think of reunion as a wonderful thing.

We will meet again somewhere in the U.S.

I am sure that future riders will grow up soon.

This is Ann. She is a frog character collecter. That's why my mother makes it a rule to drop in at anystore to look for frogs. See you and ride again! Now my mother will start to find some again soon.

Sturgis Night

At night, Pat went to Sturgis to find some T&As.
I followed him to see some nice bikes.
Riding with Pat is the beginning of these experiences. It gave me another world. I felt relaxed as I followed Pat's bike.

At Sturgis, every time Pat saw a T&A, he gave me a sign and smile. It made me feel comfortable. And I took another shot for him.

A Funny Doll

Pat made a doll of me.
It wears a pair of sunglasses and a bandanna.
It also carries a camera.
This must be me!
This is one of his works of his ceramic class at graduate university.



My son and kids rode houseback riding.

We went to Rushmore mountain.

We also visited crazy house monument.

Magic Bus

We met Pat & Pennie & Ann and thier grandkids. I was happy to see them again. My familiar smiling faces made me relaxed. Pennie prepared for honeymasterd for me. Ann made special effort to get Dr.Pepper. Thier kindness touched my heart.

Their grandkids grew up to be a cool boy and a cute girl.

They spoke to my son. It was difficult for my son to understand what they said.

"I will have to stay English harder." my son said to me.

Pat showed us thier new ridiculous toy, Magic Bus.

He confessed a brand-new damage.

Go to Sturgis

I found an old camping trailer which looks like Steinbeck's.
I followed this track.
Soon we left the park for Sturgis.


We headed up to the east, Sturgis, Harley riders paradise.
We would meet some friends there.
Another 500 miles ride.

We didn't visit any sightseeing spot just went straight to the east.
First my son waved riders but as we got closer to Sturgis, we saw more riders.

At Sundance, we had to stop to fill gas up.
Now we were surrounded by many riders.
My son was so scary that he couldn't get off the bike and just hold me tight.
As for him, we were among hells angels.